Special $1,997 Gift

from Craig Keegan

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Do you have a website?


I would suggest that if it important enough to have, it is important enough to improve.

Every little 1% improvements can improve your business and success.

So today, I shall to prepare a Facebook Page & Website report for you, at no cost.

Facebook Report

How valuable woud it be to know when your prospects are reading your Facebook Page?

What Days and what times of the day?

How much more valable would your time and effort be worth then?

Would having your messages top of their News Feed be more valuable?

Website Report

There are so many technical moving parts in websites.

The essence is we want people to be able to find us first.

We want us to be on the front page of Google.

We want our site to be fast.

We want our prospects to be able to find us fast and be fast when we use it.

This is about giving you all the information with simple steps to make it better.

Client Acquisition

If these are important enough to have and use, and your prospects are seeing them, they should be as good as you can make them.

Yes I know. this is not your job, BUT....

Without these working and you getting clients from them, you make less sales.

So lets get them right and get you more clients, more sales and more profit.

I am an Australian self employed business owner of since 1994

I am a qualified Conveyancer, Mortgage Broker & Vendor Financier

I am a qualified Small Scale Share Issuer

I have been a property investor since 1994, very active in the investment community since 2003

I have been published by CBS, FOX, NBC and abc

I am the Co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Making Empowering Choices”

I spent 30 years in IT as a Solutions Architect, Project Manager and Business Analyst

I have been married since 1994, I have a Son at University studying IT & Innovation

I am the Founder of the Property Profits Network, setting up Mastermind groups for Property Industry professionals.